Entrepreneurship Training:

Entrepreneurship training has always been the mainstay of all the training programs of MCED. The enterprising spirit and a balanced approach towards starting a fresh business is what keeps the trainers at MCED pepped up for their programs. This is no mean feat for most of them have been delivering this training for the past twenty two years. Yet, the infectious attitude is hard to avoid as one trainer aptly says ‘The best part about entrepreneurship is that unlike any other training there are no set rules, you have to tailor the delivery of the message according to the audience. ‘


MCED has seen formidable success in computer education training, since it first tested the waters in 1992. Along with computers, the demand for trained persons in the field further widened. Thus, there came the idea to deliver technology-based training to cope with the market demand for those trained in these turn key technologies. At that time, the training period for these technologies was well over a year and the courseware, lengthy.

Crash Courses:

MCED took advantage of this window of opportunity by introducing crash courses in this sector and shortened the time frame for the course completion, while simplifying the syllabus. Obviously, the response was tremendous and MCED used this market demand as a platform for promoting entrepreneurship development.

Market Trends:

This is where MCED has the edge over all entrepreneurship development institutes/agencies in the country. It has successfully married the practical needs of the workforce and emerging market trends with the entrepreneurial attitude and no wonder, it has a 30% successful conversion rate of sustained entrepreneurship.

Basic Information:

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