Area of Entrepreneurship Development:

  • MCED has been a pioneer in espousing social and economic entrepreneurship since 1988. It is a training institute in the core area of entrepreneurship development. It works as a facilitator and guide for the creation and cultivation of the entrepreneurial spirit and the concept of ‘self-employment’ in a nation that is largely driven by third party employment.
  • At MCED, there is always the hummable buzz of people discussing, brainstorming, making plans and revamping shelved ideas. The thrum of work and the exciting buzz of activity is an indelible part of the work culture. MCED is also an incredibly technology savvy organization which, not surprisingly, is amongst the few offices to enforce the paperless office concept.
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which, not surprisingly, is amongst the few offices to enforce the paperless office concept. This relaxed and fertile office environment has been nurtured by the lack of a formal overseer as is the case in other organizations. The Governing Council is the final authority for this stalwart organization. Governing Council The council makes the guidepost decisions but the driving force of the organization has always been the sheer determination of the employees.

Training Committee Works:

The training that has to delivered across a wide range of core specializations must have the business angle and the necessary macros in place to ensure sustainable quality and uniformity. This work is overseen by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee does the pulse checking of the organization and trickles down the macro perspective to the root level, as is part and parcel of any organization. The Executive Committee is answerable to the Governing Council and is headed by the Executive Director of the company. For more details on the persons who constitute this body, please click the related link on the left panel.

Growth and Expansion of MCED:

From the time that MCED first maneuvered uncharted territory in the state where ‘entrepreneurship training’ was unheard of, even less known was this nascent organization that was christened as Maharashtra Centre for Entrepreneurship Development’ in short, MCED. MCED is phonetically pronounced as ‘em-ced’. With a handful of employees, trained at the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI-I) Ahmedabad, the eventual fate and destiny of the organization was, at that time, unknown and could only be guessed at. The organization restructured and played on the opportunities that the country’s tumultuous political and social scenario threw up and in its ‘opportunist’ plan of growth and expansion, it has grown into the leviathan giant in entrepreneurship training that it is now.

Entrepreneurship Training:

Every employee has been empowered and has a sense of pride and ownership in the stakes of the institution. MCED’s product and sole selling point is the niche ‘entrepreneurship training’ that has been hailed and recognized across the country as being on par with international standards. So, where the policies are decided by the Governing Council, the Executive Committee keeps its ear to the ground to have a real time perspective of the business as a whole.

MCED is a training institute where is the product ‘entrepreneurship training’ is intangible. Thereby, the main assets of the organization are the human resources that are an invaluable asset.

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